Talk Therapy Techniques.


Dr Ray feels we all have our own unique ways of looking at the world, ourselves, and other people so to be the most effective at helping you I have a toolbox of talk therapy skills and interventions.  This is sometimes known as Integrative or Eclectic Therapy approach.  Equipped with appropriate tools, in discussion with you we can devise a powerful unique plan that is best suited for your issues and goals in counselling.

I draw from  a number of approaches in creating individualized treatment plans. They are combined in a distinctive ways to create the possibility for dramatic effective change. I will not go into the theory of each approach but simply overview some therapies that I use.

Cognitive therapy (CBT) is probably the most popular and effective talk therapy for dealing with depression and anxiety. The idea here is to simultaneously modify thoughts and behaviours to help the individual not only get beyond the negative core beliefs that are holding them back but also change the behaviour patterns they have developed in response to those thought patterns. It is often our troublesome behaviour that first brings us to therapy, and then, once we have somewhat modified the behaviour, you are in a position to work on changing the negative thoughts that create the unwanted behaviour in the first place.  CBT is probably the most impacting talking therapy… it can help change how you think (“Cognitive or Truth”) and what you do (“Behaviour or Actions”). These changes can often help you to feel better quicker than other talk therapies. CBT focuses on the ‘here and now’ problems and difficulties. Instead of focusing on the causes of your distress or symptoms in the past, it looks for ways to improve your state of mind now. DRay’s effective Life-Change Tools ® and Marriage Life Change Tools ® employ CBT.

Integrative or Eclectic Therapy: While I primarily use CBT, I also use a number of other therapies as needed to best help you achieve your counseling goals. Eclectic or Integrative Therapy is essentially a common sense approach to effectively help you on-going by tailoring therapy to your individual needs and issues. I may not strictly adhere to all the parameters of the many therapies. For instance, I may use Positive Psychology in combination with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and at times add elements of others like Reality Therapy.

As needed I use Family therapy defined as a type of psychotherapy that focuses on families and couples in intimate relationships, in hopes of bringing change and positive development.  In other words, family therapy may help you better your relationships and understanding within your family and close relationships.

Where appropriate we may need to explore your unconscious thoughts and feelings and relate this to underlying emotional conflicts, interpret defensive mechanisms and how they related to your self-esteem this is known as Psychoanalytic Therapy.

Another type of therapy that I sometimes integrate is Gestalt Therapy which involves determining what happened during your childhood and how these events have interrupted the normal developmental process. Uncovering these events may go a long way towards helping you understand and prevent it from holding him back from what you want to do with your life.

Life coaching can be a transformational and highly liberating experience. I invite you to grow into the person God intended you to be.
— Dr Ray

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