Integrative / Functional Counseling Approach


Integrative Functional Therapy promotes healing and facilitates wholeness – ensuring that all levels of your being are maximized to their highest potential - mental, physical, emotional and spiritual.  Integrative Functional Therapy is tailored to seek out the source and origin of issues and then to meet and solve your exact needs and concerns using the latest cutting edge research and modalities.  


My approach is a tenacious ‘integrative and functional’ one - broadly defined as looking at all aspects of the person and issue (first the microbiome, then foods, toxins, life-style, social, emotional, mental, spiritual, physical and inner well-being issues) and working to find and mitigate/eliminate the ‘root causes’. Most physical/emotional issues have more than one cause.

I believe that we were created with incredible self-healing bodies, and if we provide them with the right thoughts, motivations, pure foods and care as they were originally designed for their maintenance, they can perform their God-given ability of restoring our natural health. I recommend a natural diet based of foods as close to the way they were originally created and grown as possible. I believe that altered foods aren’t just neutral in their impact on our health but are foreign to our body and rob it of health as do artificial additives. I believe that as our body is supplied with the high-quality fuel from a natural diet, healthy thoughts, feelings, and emotions, healthful lifestyle habits, it has the materials and support needed to rebuild health. I recommend in all areas of life and health that we strive to live according to our original optimal design, including our relationship with others, pure water, fresh air, sunshine, physical activity, rest, and healthful stress maintenance.

As a Counselor/Therapist and a Therapeutic Coach, I have over 40 years’ experience helping thousands of people through a myriad of issues and have facilitated personal discovery, growth, development and healing through a unique blend of the latest proven cutting edge therapies, traditional, spiritual and natural health & wellness modalities. My approach is Integrative and Functional - so tenaciously looking for the ‘root cause’ of issue/s and then working towards solutions.

One major key to moving past an emotional or health issue is to do something different. To change something in your life. It's a cliché, but we've all heard Einstein's quote that "the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome." We all have ‘blind spots’ in our lives – that’s why a third person learned - experienced therapist / therapeutic coach can help reveal these and then work towards helping you do something new and different towards change.

In this way we help people work through and overcome issues and reach a place where they are happier, more peaceful, and fulfilled. I am also trained in the Amen Clinics methods and practices of helping patients have better brains and lead better lives specifically in areas of: Addictions; Depression/Anxiety; ADD/ADHD; Behavioural Problems; Weight Loss; Memory & Nutrition. Dr. Daniel Amen and Amen Clinics are world leaders in neuropsychiatry.

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Dr. Ray has over 40 years’ experience and success in dealing with the following issues:
Panic, phobias, fears, OCD, anger & other anxiety disorders
Relationships, pre-marriage - marriage – affairs – re-marriage
Young Adult Issues, achieving life-goals, living life with passion, mentoring and accountability.

Depression, mood Issues, bi-polar, personality disorders
Trauma, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, dissociative disorders including DID, ritual abuse, mind control
Sexual, sexual abuse, gender issues, sexual addiction and dysfunction  
Habits & addictions – alcohol, drug/substances, sexual addictions, pornography, eating disorders, screens
Assertive issues, image & identity issues, self-esteem, self-confidence, worth, emotional intelligence issues,  
Learning & developing resilience

Unlocking creative and other blocks, self-sabotage, moving past ‘stuck past emotions’, overcoming limiting beliefs
Spiritual directions, guidance, and concerns, inner healing

Cutting edge Natural/Biblical Health & Wellness  


All sessions are by appointment only whether in person at our Coquitlam BC clinic or on-line. To request more information or schedule a session kindly e-mail:


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