What are some of the benefits of Inner Healing?


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Dr Ray is aware that some problems, pain, depression, anxiety and addiction are difficult to be healed through traditional therapy and other alternative methodologies. He knows that healing comes from the hand of God. The phrase “inner healing” has been used for several decades to refer to the ministry of the Godhead to bring deep inward healing.

Inner Healing is the healing of the inner person, the spirit and the deep hurts and past wounds.

  • Inner healing is the healing of memories.

  • Inner healing is the healing of the wounds created by the hurts of others as well as negative personal choices.

  • Inner healing is also the releasing of bondage’s, addictions and compulsive behaviours and substance abuse.

  • Inner healing can be instrumental in freeing people from pain and releasing them from anxiety and depression.

  • Inner healing often helps in marriage counseling.

  • Inner healing is God revealing His presence and love to the inner self.

  • Inner healing is removing the god of this world’s footholds.

  • Inner healing is God filling the empty desolate places in our lives with His love.

  • Inner healing is God meeting our past unmet needs.

  • Inner healing is also God working deeply in a person to identify and reveal our true self.

What type of Inner Healing does Dr Ray use?

Dr. Ray uses has studies over 18 different types of inner healing and has felt God led him to ‘Lie Busters’ inner healing system – he sometimes will use his known as ‘Christ Led Inner Healing’.


Lie busting is a fast, simple, powerful yet gentle freedom prayer model that facilitates the power of God to set you free to live out your purpose. Each session takes 60-90 minutes and can be done in person or over the Internet. The outcome is oneness with self, others and with GOD. The process may include own life and blood line cleansing, DNA reset, integration of stuck personality parts, land redemption and life changing heavenly encounters.


  • Liebusting is a gentle process whereby a trained and trusted Liebuster leads you to connect your spirit with God's Spirit. This results in the identification of lies and trauma that may have been rooted in a past event in your own life or in a past event in the life of one of your ancestors.

  • Trauma and pain open the door to lies that oppress you. It has now been scientifically proven that DNA holds the record of your trauma and that of your ancestors as well.

  • Your DNA can be reset by replacing lies with truth, resulting in healing and freedom from oppression. Liebusting aligns your spirit with God's Spirit, allowing you to experience pure love.

  • In addition to dealing with lies, pain and trauma, Liebusting helps those parts of yourself that have got stuck emotionally at different ages, or that have been separated from your core self, to become integrated. Without integration, when parts are triggered, they can sabotage your present, they can be voices in your head and cause irrational behaviour, inconsistencies in relationships and mood swings.



  • Freedom from fear, anxiety, depression, addictions, doubt, insecurity, loneliness, powerlessness and oppression.

  • A deep sense of oneness and intimacy with others and with a loving God.

  • Cleansing of your soul (mind, will and emotions) often resulting in physical healing (body).

  • Activation of your spirit allowing you to live above the storms of life.

  • Access to your true Father, Your Creator and the ability to rest in Him in an atmosphere of pure love and acceptance.

  • You will know that you are a child of God and designed for a specific and unique purpose that the world needs and is waiting for.

  • You will know who you are and why you are here.

  • You will know the truth because the truth has set you free!


I look forward to meeting you and facilitating your Christ led healing experience.