Gift pastor support.

Gift pastor support.

from 58.00

Pastor Maridayya urgently needs $58.00 CAD / $40 USD for his monthly support (that’s only $700.00 CND $528.00 US / for an entire year of ministry support). At this moment there are more than 30 people gathering in a thatched hut being used as a church. A Multi-Function Church Building is currently under construction.

Our initial goal is to send support for these ten Pastors, that would cost $400 USD / 600 CAD per month.

  1. Pastor Viswas, Bargadra village, Kharagpur, West Bengal

  2. Pastor Dhemendra Kumar, Madhupur village, Fatuha, Bihar

  3. Pastor Vijay Kumar, Dohari village, Manpur, Gaya

  4. Pastor Lalu Prasad, Telopara village, Litipara, Jharkhand

  5. Pastor Maridayya, Barrimamidi village, Gangavaram, East Godavari District – this is where our first clean water project was completed

  6. Pastor Manohar, Siripuram village, Yeleswaram

  7. Pastor Pratap, Durgaprasad village, Paikabarbati, Odisha

  8. Pastor Shravab Panwar, Pipalkota village, Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh

  9. Pastor Dharmendra Singh, Ravikhal village, Bageshwar, Uttarakhand

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