How Can Counselling Help?


Helping people is my passion!  Learning how to do that is my lifelong pursuit!  In over forty years of practice we have helped restore the lives of thousands of people from every walk of life, dealing with almost every area imaginable.  I am constantly keeping abreast of the latest research.

Whether you show it from the outside or not, everyone becomes overwhelmed sometimes in life. The world we live in today is demanding and fast paced. There are times when you feel like they you have gone off track and lost some of the meaningfulness of your life. At other times, difficult life experiences create a feeling of being stuck and unable move forward or process life events such as grief, trauma and life transitions.

In counselling you will learn to look at life and your concerns in an entirely different way. While friends and family try to provide a sympathetic ear, a trained and experienced therapist uses evidence based techniques to help you move toward solutions to the problems you are struggling with.

The term “evidence based” simply means the techniques have been tested according to specific standards and have been found to be effective. In therapy you will learn specific emotional and social skills, which can dramatically help you shift the way you relate to yourself and to others.

Within the confidential, restful and safe space of DRay’s office you can honestly talk about your private thoughts and struggles. DRay is trained to provide you with empathic, honest and non-judgemental perspective as well as specific help regarding the problems you are experiencing.

Studies have found that the relationship between you and your therapist is the key to a successful therapeutic experience. A major 1995 Consumer Reports study concluded that patients benefited substantially from therapy but that the actual techniques used were less important that the connection between you and the therapist. The key to successful therapy is a connected, trusting relationship. 


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